Jersey Shore is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV in 2009. The series follows the lives of eight young adults who spend their summer at the ultimate beach house rental, and indulge in everything that the Seaside Heights, New Jersey scene has to offer. Beach by day, dancing and partying all night. They will live, work and rage together until the summer ends. The second season of Jersey Shore shows the roommates escaping the northeast winter to Miami Beach where they face even more drama than they did the season before. The fourth season was shot in Italy and shows how the roommates juggle work, love and nightlife while living in another country where there is a slight langauage barrier and everything is new to them.
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Name: Paul DelVecchio (a.k.a Pauly D)
Hometown:Johnston, RI
Ethnicity: Italian American
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Name: Vinny Guadagnino
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Ethnicity: Sicilian American
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Name: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
Hometwon: Bronx, NY
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican-Itlaian Ameircan
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Name: Michael Sorrentino (a.k.a The Situation)
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Ethnicity: Itlaian American
external image snooki.jpgName: Nicole Polizzi (a.k.a Snooki)
Hometown: Malboro, NY
Ethnicity: Chilean

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Name: Deena Nicole Cortese
Hometwon: New Egypt, NJ
Ethnicity: Itlaian American
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Name: Sammi Giancola (a.k.a Sweetheart)
Hometow: Hazlet, NJ
Ethnicity: Itlaian American
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Name: Jennifer Farley (a.k.a JWoww)
Hometown: Franklin Square, NY
Ethnicity: Irish-Spanish American

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Here are some fun facts about the cast of Jersey Shore!
  • Nicole was raised by her adoptive parents.
  • Deena auditioned for Season 1 and was rejected.
  • Deena and Nicole are long time friends.
  • After finishing four years at a local university, Jenni opened her own graphic design business called Jenni Farley Designs, Inc.
  • Sammy was the first New Jersey native in the cast.
  • Nicole, Jenni and Deena think of one of the house plants at Karma as their therapist.
  • In 2004, Mike worked as an exotic dancer with the All American Male Crew.
  • Pauly D spends around 25 minutes a day on his hair.
  • Pauly D is the oldest cast member, 31, in the "Jersey Shore" house.
  • Pauly D is a disc jockey.
  • Pauly D owns his own tanning bed.
  • If acting does not work out, Vinny plans on attending law school.
  • Ronnie fell for cast mate Sammi.
  • Mike was an assistant manager of a fitness center in Staten Island.
  • Each cast member currently makes $100,000+ per episode. HeroBuilders.com has created a “Jersey Shore” talking action figure. This mini Pauly D action figure starts at $375.

Pauly D always comes up with the funniest things to get the rest of the House pumped and in a good mood. Check out the two videos below to see just what I am talking about!

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